Sunday, October 07, 2007

my wkend

wah..time really pass fast during wkend lor...juz winkx2 blinkx2...going to b mon soon in 2 more hrs time...sighhh MON BLUES COMING~~~

summary of my wkend starts here with some cropped fotos..

meet up wif the oct bday boys together wif the rest..we went to a restaurant call The Ship at shaw center orchard..pretty nice ambience with nice steak(we'll all go again when my dear bf is back..jeff say will REtreat de)..after dinner is the hectic and happening part...can u imagine 3 martells in approx 3hrs!!! zzzz...anyway hope the guys enjoyed :)

the food we all had on fri nite at The Ship

the 2 oct on 1st on 5th Oct

some random pix

woke up after approx 3+hrs of sleep with some hangover from fri's drinking...luckily nv puke manz....went cck mrt meet JT then we hop over to meet KC at woodlands to buy some groceries...went over KC hse for a crop session...we had bee hoon, korean style fried rice cake and sambal prawns..all courtesy of KC and JT...hehe...then proceed to scrap...not a bad idea to crop at KC hse..haha but she say "1ST AND LAST TIME I'LL SCRAP"...hehehe...oh ya..i brought a container of kimchi home also..tml can eat le..hoho

nice food we had on sat...yum!

some snapshots during cropping

managed to sleep til 1010am...11hrs of sleep...not bad achievement for sun sleep-in at home lor..chatted wif my bf then off to wash my clothes and make the flower deco for mf's church wedding in nov..glad to finish them :)here's a sneak pic of 1 piece

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