Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last day of seminar

Today marks the last day of my 3 days seminar at SIM. Need go back work tomorrow le...How sad...Haha..Richard Ball is really a fantastic speaker on Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Some of his words still tingling in my brain. Oh...I definitely going miss the food there..haha..Can you imagine a seminar with 10am teabreak, 12pm lunch and 2.30pm teabreak. Oh man, wonder did I gain weight cos I'm like still full whenever I need to start eating. Haha...

Supposed to go Toa Payoh for dinner at Ichiban with my colleagues, but was called off last min. Went claim the foc yummy food though cos the card expires today. Then took train home. And wohooo~ my dear mummy is making Soon Kueh...and again, I can't resist the temptation of not taking photograph, so I took 2 pix with my handphone. My dear bf, are you missing the nice nice soon kueh my mummy make? Hehe...mummy say 'Aiyo you don't be naughty la...Why must purposely take photo and show him? Make him GIAN meh...' see see how my mummy dote on you...I'll be jealous lor...BUT NVM~ I'll make you jealous first...Cos hor..your daddy sms me today, date me for dinner on Friday. Hahahahaha....

Oh..forget to add...I know I havn't been scrapping lately. I will work hard this sat..I try...been lazing around, too tired to get started.. :p

And another OH...a BIG OHHHH old pal is back from Germany! Yipppee! Think going meet up over the weekend to catch up le..So interesting!

Ok end here. Need to sleep early else tomorrow zombie at work le. Ciaozzz

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