Sunday, September 09, 2007

another sunday

time passes real fast...its 9th sept today already...2 more wks and my bf is goin US again for another 3 mths.. *eye rolling*

anyway summarise my wk here..i shall skip wkday cos nothing interesting except go work, go home, go sb shopping..hehe..hmmm wkend...sat went philips carnival bot a vaccum..i bot 6 40W lamps for my home...then went marina sq meet the rest...had lunch + tbrk at WARAKU!!! finally get to eat there. 2+ so we get seats easily..bao bao lor...i share a set meal wif bf..hehe..fotos below...after meal walked ard in ms then went home return car..then went tampines mall..supposingly to go watch movie but nothing fantastic..end up 4 of us went for dinner at genki...then ah..then go back home lor..i surfed net..then ko le...sun morning eat..wash up and go blading...tat summarises my whole wkend..sure pass fast isnt it?

our set meal at waraku..

oh..tis is the only proj i did tis wk..the jewel box from cocoa daisy jan kit tat i ordered thru sb spree at tsl...hehe abit guilty for not scrapping but nice job isnt it? yet to complete...goin tink wat else to add on it...i welcome any comment to help me improve on my jewel box..

k la..end here..i goin makan dinner le loh...ciaoz..

tis coming wk goin tink of how to summarise simple cooking receipe for my bf...hehe..all soupy stuffs for leh... :p

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