Monday, September 17, 2007

aching all over

oh is mon already...doesnt time really passes fast like nobody's biz?

din scrap this wk...actually did abit after my cabaret class on fri nite..i went home and touched up parts of the book...haben finished the whole book...shld get done with it slowly...these few days goto try to finish up my little gift for my bf..hehe...hopefully turns out well..but i seems to spoil it abit..lets see how can i amend the mistake...hehe

went wakeboarding on sat...hwah seh..damn powerful lor...totally shaq out flow of seawater awaits us...for me..most of the water went down my nostrils...almost choked me to death...but not bad la..achievment i shld say..cos i can STAND! hahaha...let the photos tell the story then..

woke up sun feeling the aches all over..but for me still ok..cos i feeling 'sourx2' only...for my dear bf..haha he cant even sit up from bed when he wake up funny...n i know its mean of me to keep poking at his aching muscles..hehe but hor..i juz abit bian to see the way he go OUCH!!! *ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER* but would say he's pretty talented..cos he can stand at his 1st wb attempt...really APPLAUSE~~~

here's a pic of us with lishi as background b4 we both get into water..

tats me standing...

another one of me which the instructor say i have wooden stick like legs..cos i din bend my knees

a zi lian foto here with super messy hair (entangled lor....)

action action foto of my dear bf...

did i or have i ever say my bf is cute? wahahaha...there --->>>

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