Thursday, September 27, 2007

27/9 in sgp....26/9 in us

seeing the time diff? cos my dear bf is working now at appprox 11.16am his time...and i'm now typing my bloggy at 12.16am sgp time...hehe...

hmmm nothing much these few days except for some irritated moments in office..

tues nv work much..busy wif planning mid autumn fest..running here n there last min to try to salvage things wif a few of my fella src members..finally the event ended quite nicely..anyway evening was nice though cos i went for my jaccuzi and suana and facial...shiok!

wed...busy rearranging n adding in new test cases for my proj...sighh I REALLY HATING MY JOB....jiu ming arrrrrr.....then afternoon hv town meeting..hehe..nv know sms-ing funny stuffs can keep me dear bf...i'll update u when u ask :p hmmm left office at 7+...reach cck, went lot1 to take a walk..end up i bot a shorts and a hmmmm cotton pants? dunno wat they call tat la...anyway its GREEn color...hehe...GO GREEN GO! then came home heat up 'supper'...n wash clothes...n eat dinner, watch tv..then bathe then continue washing clothes...happening leh...i nv noe 3hrs i can do so much things lor.. WONDER WOMAN!

i lookin forward to sat...cos sat morning i can webcam wif my bf...hehe 1st wk of cam...i goin giv a SURPRISE! hehe...keep u in suspense 1st... BLEAH!

ok la..time to go sleep b4 tml morning someone nag at me, say i so late haben sleep...ciaozzzzzzzzz

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