Friday, August 03, 2007


TGIF! hehehe...its FRI~~ kind of guilty still wif backlogs at work...BUT i dun care~~~ hahaha

anyway I complained i long time nv update my blog le...well basically from wed to fri...i did a rough summary below.. :p go home...nua n make earrings...fotos as below...i also went out for lunch tpy central blk 185...had western food..tis is my share of diy baked rice.. n go sch...after sch go supper at smith street wif dar dar..yum~ n go maken wif dar's cols...a grp of mad ppl! but its nice least there'r ppl as mad as me! hopefully i dun make my dar dar lose face for being so mad :X

hmmm sat is here i'll go for my gym+jaccuzi+steam bath..then go orchard mrt meet the rubber stamp buyer..then go meet dar n frenz for dinner...yum~ long time since all of us hang ard le...i miss those gd old days...

ciaoz...time to KO~!

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