Sunday, September 02, 2007

my "scrapping-ful" weekend!

wohoooooooo! i'm so pleased with my scrapping weekend...hehe basically lotsa of scrapping on sat and sun...I LIKE IT!

i scrap 4 8x8 LO on they are...

the purple notebook was done up last time to post...the beige one is sun morning's product..

highlight of sun is of cos this self assembled album i made for my taipei pleased with the outcome of the album lor...hehe...the inner pages are still under far consolidate about 16 pieces of LOs inside til date...still have more to come...will scrap as and when i have MOJO...hehe

oh well..sat i scrap til 3+ then bathe and went cityhall meet bf to go commex..hehe we'r both went for dinner 1st...had korean food at millenia walk then head down to commex to buy some stuffs..i din get to buy my webcam tis time round...hmmm mayb will ask my cols who freq travel to china buy bah... we watched Ratatouille..nice show...basically laff throughout lor...cutey cutey...then after movie...i start my bus adventure..hehe..long time since i last taken long dist bus trip..took 75 from marina til bukit panjang then change cab...interesting leh...reason? cos i wont have last train from JE to CCK lor..oh oh...n i saw my ex col from akira..hehe still sillyx2 tot i recognise wrong person, sms him..but apparently he din check hp til i alight at BP...he look at me n start waving wif broad smile on his nice tat someone actually recognise me after abt 2+yrs lor...

bf enjoying his kimchi chicken noodle

my teriyaki beef set..

hehe post something chan...remember? from my dear bf few yrs back...i dig out and place them in my office.. :p

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