Monday, August 06, 2007

its MON!

its mon...and i'm in office blogging during lunch..hehe cos? cos i veryyyyy bao...had a heavy breakfast with my homemade egg mayo n a regular cup of mocha from coffee bean(i missed the bus so i went n bot myself some hot stuffs to warm my stomach)

ah..i realised i din mention in my blog on my dinner at clarke quay last fri..wah seh..a happening spanish dinner..chalked up to S$449.xx for 9 pax! wow! so far besides those international buffet, i've not eaten something so x for ages...wahaha but nvm...cos bf pay mah... :p the spanish restuarant is at clarke quay call tapas not bad la..but pretty long wait for baked rice...40mins!

i'll post my ndp rak challenge LO for TSL soon..

anyway just finished posting in maya road's blog for some's wat i've posted..

Hoho...I'm so in love with Maya Road stuffs...looking forward to more CHA's stocks coming into Singapore soon... :p

Anyway this are what I've done over the weekend...

* helped mum prepare brunch (for myself!)
* washed my one week of laundry
* cleared up my scrapbook stash in the studyroom
* scanned old photos (delicious, good old times of Singapore)
* printed 3 photos to prepare for a RAK challenge (want to get started and try winning RAKs..seems interesting)
* started a LO on TSL's challenge on Singapore's National Day
* bathed and make myself pretty yet comfortable for the weekend out with my friends
* met up with a fellow scrapper to pass her the Precious Moments rubber stamps she reserved
* met up with my friends for spicy steamboat dinner
* chilled out with my friends for some singing session (something I have not done for ages)
* surfed net til wee hours (reading blogs, checking mails..etc)
* sweet dreams
* brunch again on sun
* reserved stash on 'Lelong' thread in TSL
* surfed net for RAKs
* bought my favourite apple strudel for tea break
* continue scrapping the LO for TSL's challenge on Singapore's National Day
* prepare egg mayo for Monday's breakfast
* then its GOOD NIGHT to me...(weekend is over so fast...kind of SAD!)

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