Thursday, August 09, 2007


part 2

just another update at nite on my nation's bday...hehe..i celebrate my nation's bday also...wif steamboat at home wif my family...yippeee n yummy~ my dinner is colorful right?

hmmm goin sleep early today..mayb weather cooling...i feel very lethargic now...zzzzz gd nite

part 1

happy national day to singapore!

hmmm since 93.3 has been playing national day songs..wah..brought back memories when i was in pri sch...cos we'll definitely be singing alot alot of ndp songs during ndp lor..hehe

spent 3 hrs juz nw clearing up a toyogo box...hehe ya...i've finally done it...1 box is cleared..procastinator gets her butt moving..nt bad huh? *grin*

all the new loots r now inside the n see every single item...tinkin hw to utilise them...ideas ideas..but no photos...i'll take more!!!!!!! hehe..

anyway here's the outcome of my treasure box class..goin to giv it as bday pressie to my da jie in sept...surprise~~~

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