Wednesday, August 29, 2007

been long since i last post

okok..i admit it has been long since i last update my blog...its close to a wk...hehe anyway quick summary of wat i've done..

hehe almost forgotten to post the rak i've goto from tis pic from her blog..thanks dear! thanks S for picking me too! hehe..i'll try to utilise them real soon...let me wait for my MOJO to come 1st.. wahahhaa..

last wk basically juz work lor...hmmm fri after work meet bf n had dinner at cafe iguana...YUM! i love the magaritas! *slurp*...overall nice food..juz too CROWDED! well its fri...n its clarke quay..q-ing everywhr lor...boh bian...some not so clear pix here..

went genting over the wkend with folks from my office..25 usual i din gamble..cos i'm a SUAY BIRD...imagine i can get ZERO points for my cards at 1st hand on the game..duhz! cant believe it won though...winnings of rm194...not bad la..hehe...let some fotos do the talking..overall pretty fun...i enjoyed the weather...the COLD bed...n of cos the accompany of my dear bf..hehe.. *hugs*

grp photo at coffee terrace, genting hotel after dinner (i waiting for col to upload grp photo b4 departure)

pic of me wif stupid giraffe...haha its a kiddo ride..but i luv the giraffe so much tat i bug bf to take tis pic for me.. :p

self-take one at the foyer..we enjoying the breeze outside..

another self-taken pic of us at the 4d show...dun we look stupid wif the specs? haha..alice in wonderland 4d show SUX...not nice at all :D

set timer to get tis pic..we getting ready to check out hotel..take the last pic..anyway...forgotten to take pic of the room when we 1st enter..usually i'll do tat..tis time i forgot.. :p

my sinful snack at 230pm while waitin for the coach back to sgp..american baked cheesecake and caffe mocha.. *SLURP*

stupid pic...of me eating

another poser pic... hahaha

the last notebook i did...similar to the design i've made for jean, interior is blank note pages

oh oh...forgotten whether i post my altered art here or nt...anyway past 2 wks only do 1 thing...tats to alter the wooden box i bot from daiso...tis box is currently sitting on my office table..put my barangs..hehe..

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