Sunday, July 08, 2007

a special day 070707

070707 is a rare date...according to statistic 772 couples registered their marriage on tis special day...big WOW right? today is peiling and daniel's big day as well..hehe i went laines 1st b4 goin down to hyatt for the dinner...the bride is simply pretty...guess she's pretty stressed out...she looked tired n her voice is husky..poor girl...honey lemon has become her energy booster..

the nite is fun wif club ppl...mingle ard..chatx2 wif the juniors(minority) and the seniors(majority)..can u imagine us taking grps photos there? hehe..juz simply FUN...i'll post the photos once i get them from yangjin..main topic in my table among me, julie, kk, kimlip they all is abt wedding...haha no choice la..cos our age, all talk abt wedding, preparation..who gettin married..who already married..*stress*

meanwhile...juz 1 zi lian pic again..taken in the lift when i'm coming back home...hehe

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