Sunday, July 15, 2007

past few days

someone complained i haben blogged for longggg time...lookin back at past blogs...not long is last blog is on 13th wat..haiz..need to blog daily de meh? so much things to say meh? i also not so eng to blog daily lor...blogging is best when u hv inspirations means no blog...simple as tat lor...i'll now make longgggg longggg post lor...happy? *bleah*

anyway most interesting highlights for these few days would be d&d on fri nite..then dinner wif my best pal on sun...anothe interesting part would be i'll b heading downtown watch harry potter later lor...tats all..i'll part my blogs for easier reading...

part 1 - d&d
we left office at 1630 to jess hse after work for some makeup..then head down to orchard hotel...done up 2 glittery tattoos..1 on my left cheek n 1 on my left hand..both also not up to my expectation...*disappointed cos i seems like kanna bruised on my left cheeks leh..haha..hmmm another fun thing is the drawing of cartoon portrait of me...the nite is fun wif kumar and suzie wong's entertainment...kumar's sexist n racist jokes got us all rolling wif laughter..oh ya..impt thing is...i dun even noe whether i've won any lucky draw prizes..cos i dun hv any patience to wait for the stupid small wordings to change at the projection..shall check out the list next wk in office..2nd half of the nite was spent at st james wif the 'bigger shots' in my big boss is really a happening guy lor..werner simply dance to his hearts' content...surprisingly...miguel dropped his daily cool mask n play along wif us...*cool*

part 2 - dinner wif mui
had dinner wif my 1 of my best pal mui at brewerkz...hehe ton gonna miss the fun cos he's at germany now...we tried calling but hp was off..too of our yummies r posted..i shall update wif our pix once mui send me...oh..tis earrings is from mui..nice right? thanks!

part 3 - harry potter
goin plaza sing later to starts at 1530..after this post i goin bathe n get ready go downtown...go shop ard for scrapping inspirations 1st..hehe..goto utilise my loots mah...wohooo the more i look at them..the happier i get...cos now i hv more goodies to pastex2 liao... *grinz*

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