Sunday, July 22, 2007

i cant sleep!!!

OMG! the clock ticks at 3.07am..and i'm still wide awake..finished my sb-ing..posted 2 works on still struggling to CLOSE MY afternoon nap too powerful liao...hmmm i having sore throat also le..cham..goin to be sick also le...haiz..

oh..yest's post...the pic of me wif flower..hehe goto clarify one send me flower..tat flower is from sis' boss..thanking her for her great job...i tink she rather get cash instead of flowers lor..anyway tat flower is nice isn't it? aiyoooo so long nv receive flowers liao..i tink i'll melt if anyone now send me a hand bouquet of cutey flowers lor...wahahhaa..*DREAMING*

a little here n there to showx2 abit on my progress of sb-ing..hmm so far completed these..not bad le lah...hehe..
1)album for bf
2)accordian for cousin
3)accordian for winston
4)12x12 yunnan album
5)mini tag for bf
6)small album for bf
7)accordian for peiling
8)share a story album
9)treasure box
10)2 door hangers
11) 3 pen holders
12) 1 photo frame
13) 8x8 taipei album in making

the rest had been posted i dun repeat photos le..

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