Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back baCK BACK!!!

hehe...my dar dar is back finally! supposed to touch down at 5+am on 31st...end up at 1106 instead...y? bcos he missed a flight, goto transit at taipei instead..but not bad la..hehe at least i got tai yang bing to eat..haha..

hmmm dunno he travel or i travel...my barangs alot alot lor...hehe i came back home wif a big bag full of scrapping loots(foto at the bottom), another wif my crabtree n evelyn's foot therapy products...chocolates..mango..tai yang bing..COACH bags..alot alot la...hehe..thanks dar dar!

anyway...its time for bed soon...muz recuperate..else tml cannot fight war...alot of things to do leh... *sighhh*...til my next update bah..

here is the foto on my sb loots..seems little but actually alot..cos nv unpack from ziplock..hehe..heavy also.. :X

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