Thursday, July 12, 2007

2nd sb class - treasure box

hehe today attended my 2nd sb class - treasure box..too bad alot of online sites dun hv the maya road box le..else i would hv bot another 2 bah...its so nice lor..wanna c my creation? hehe not bad to be able to finish the box today lor...of cos juz the box only...cos the content book is incomplete...cant wait for myself to finish up my work...i tink i'm goin to b very productive tis wk...cos its a new challenge using the zutter..i shall post the box 1st...other day finish my album then post them..

hmmm outcome of tis work will be my bday pressie for my da jie..making a treasure box of our australia trip 2004...ok i noe its longgggggggg time ago...but seriously speaking tats the most memorable moments i hav wif her...cos i practically juz spend 1wk+ at aust, alone juz wif my i miss those days..winter somemore...wohooo

ok i better get things done n pack n go bed..its close to 1am liao le...

top view of my treasure box...

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