Thursday, June 07, 2007

today is the day!

wohooo today is 7th june! tat is? share-a-story class day! cant wait for 1730 to come n i rush off to LSS lor...get to use the 7g album, get to choose my own pp...interesting..interesting..hopefully i wont spend too much again today..cos i need to get distress ink and chipboard alphas... ^_^

went wheellock for dinner last nite wif my cols..nice eating, chatting with the ladies :) nice food, nice ambience too..will definitely go again! *slurp*

again..pictorial blog...cos i lazy to describe more...i'll update 3 more pix when i get them..hehe

beef miso stew:

red bean, green tea, sesame icecream

doreamon's fav! pancake!

wah tis one my fav..tofu cheese cake..

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