Thursday, June 14, 2007

social gathering

had social gathering at sentosa earlier on...went cafe del mar...its a pub...wif both indoor and outdoor seatings...they hv sofa bed also..nice nice...will definitely visit again wif my frenz...

hmmm had 4 different drinks 1) lychee martini 2) carlsberg bottle 3) blue oceans 4) blowjob....hehe i tink i haben lose the sense of taste yet...i can even guessed correctly the liquor used in blowjob...vincent tay and timothy ordered 4 shots...end up miss K and me and the 2 guys drank it..miss K drank it b4 tis but she tot its rum...but its kalua wif whipped cream! conclusion...hmmm taste not bad la..

missed the chance to take nice photos...cos most of the time is spent on talkin wif cols...wif the management team ppl...its nice talkin to get to noe diff cultures in their countries..

in whole..its an enjoyable nite which i nv tot i'll enjoy :)

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