Tuesday, June 05, 2007

mid wk wed in 1 hr time

its officially middle of wk in another 1 hr time...my dar dar is working hard on a wed morning over at US now...

oh..1st of all a gd news! my loots from linnecards reached dar dar safely! wohoo meaning? i can start my 2nd purchase liao le loh...hoho...imagine...1st batch from jean's return in early july...2nd batch from dar's return end of jul...PLUS...my somo kit! wah seh...fully well equipped...goody good good...i muz plan wat i wanna make liao...

hmmm forgot to forward home the pix of my loots...tml then edit post... *stay tuned...*

added the photos (courtesy of dar dar)
the parcel
maya road scrolls
7gypsies stickers, transparencies, 2 cards..

has been feeling guilty at work lately...reason? poor productivity..i simply juz cant concentrate well at work lor...sickening! hope i'll hv better mood soon...

send my photos for developin juz now in the evening le...hopefully the effect turns out well cos these photos would b used for tis thurs' share-a-story class de...so fast..thurs coming..hope the class is fun and i can catch up cos its my 1st time taking sb class.. *bouncy bouncy*

oh i've made a bday pressie for my colleague..will post next time when bday is over...i've also made a special gift for someone special but not very nice so wont post..haha...

tats all for now...cant tink of wat to type le...let me tink thru wat i wanna update then post again..ciaoz..

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