Friday, June 01, 2007


hehe excited...hopefully my loots reach bf safely...they FINALLY sent a short mail yest saying "Will be shipped out by today"...then tis morning log in to check status..its states "05/31/2007 - Shipping"...hohoho..

oh ya...i'm now officially a proud owner of CROP-A-DILE....can't resist the temptation of tis wonderful tool...i can now use eyelets easily....hehe be prepared to see more eyelets n holes in my u go...pic of my new toy...

make a tag using the tool...its so easy to use lor...hoho din regret buying tis crop-a-dile at all..its juz basically
step 1: punch hole
step 2: adjust the correct size
step 3: align properly
step 4: PUNCH!
step 5: tar-darrrr there u go..finished product..

okies...goto go tok to my bf then go eat then go study luck to me for tml's test..hehe

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