Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sb tots all over *helpzzz*

edited at 1135pm...

hehe i called and registered for the 1st 60 vip members to go for the closed door sales at laines...realise tat i actually fall into the category of kiasu singaporean...y? duhz..bcos hor i'm the 1st to call to book a place for the sales..*hopeless me*

anyway..hmmm conclusion made abt my sb frantic tots...i tink i'll make do wif my purchases from laines...and purchases from US..wait for both Js to help me bring back...MUZ STOP spending le loh..super super broke..the most i'll onli attend creative classes...happy wif tat liaoz..

ok end here...go pack my stuffs and go KO le loh...


wohoo...last nite went laines wif I and R...hehe...ya i spend very little on loots...but i spent on registering for a class..*grinz*

Capture the stories of your life in this zippy zig-zag book from 7 Gypsies. Do up your book in charming old ‘storybook’ style and fill it with all the stories your grandfather told you or stories you want to tell your kids. Do up your book with vintage style papers and learn clever ideas for inking, texture and embossing. Fee: $78 includes book and all papers and embellishments. To bring: acid-free tape glue, glue dots, ink (Ranger distress ink recommended) * Photos will be added in later.

hmmm i kind of tempted to take SDU Basic modules classes leh...spread out to 4 classes, total $280...shld i? somemore july's time suits me..every sat 1030 to 130...hehe...tink tink..

another temptation..shld i get SOMO kits? wif somo kits i can force myself to try out other scrapping mtds...but hor..i scared i waste them leh...i tink better on hold n tink wisely 1st..

*bleah* i'm becoming a sb frantic!

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