Tuesday, May 08, 2007

long distance call

received bf's 2nd long distance call...feeling is..hmmm WEIRD..cos hor..working leh..cant talk too loud, cant talk too whiny, cant talk too kiddish..hehe...nvm...no need use voice, text also nice..glad he's fine, eating ALOT (beware later U become FAT PIG!)...buffet is cheap but doesn't mean you need to eat alot to make it worthwhile wor...chat with you when time permits :)

anyway some fotos to show on 1st day of taipei
at train station, walking out to Shi Lin Night Market

silly pose with helmet in one of the stores..aint their helmet nice n kawaii?

tis is the fried potato..nice right? how come sgp dun hv? i like it!

the fruit store..1st night we tried the green papaya..its nice lor..APPETIZER!

smelly beancurd..not up to standard yet leh...there's one at Rao He Night Market..that one POWER...
ah zhong mian xian..yum..but alan add too much chilli..spicy!
dunno wat is this called..but its nice..dessert..got red bean, green bean, green tea and yam flavour

this glutinous rice is nice lor..look at the other photo below

Hao Da Da Ji Pai....chicken! sgp one..hmmm lose out alot alot lor...this is 101% NICE!

soup and oyster omelette..not bad...

fruit juice store..i like the tangerine juice..yum~

ok tats all for today's update..i'll slowly post some highlights of my daily taipei trip :p

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