Thursday, May 24, 2007

its thurs!

its thurs!

i'm a happy girl in the morning cos dar dar called and we chatted for 23.59 min! hehe...i see the call duration mah...not tat i timed la.. :D

oh...a zi lian kuang take new pic to update her far far away bf how she look like recently

today went spotlight...spend $ again cos there's some stuffs to add on to my embellishments gd...more stuffs to select when i scrap le loh...tink tink wkend wanna do wat... *brain racking*

oh...not goin wakeboarding S is we postponed it...M say mr S gonna treat us to a meal to compensate...hahaha...yummy yum sat not goin out liao..goin stay at home do b a homely girl..looking forward to watch pirates of the carribean...wait for frenz to confirm if watching on sun or nt..hehe..

ok i go pack pack liao...tml havin last tutorial b4 its study break for next wk's quiz...then its 3 wks break for me to catch up with assignment 1...wohooo busy busy...

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