Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

happy mother's day to all mummies on earth...of cos specially dedicated to my dearest mummy! deep in my heart, i wish the best for her...especially best in pink health!

tis wkend pass really fast...bbq yest at J's hse really leave my arms all aching...overstretched from all the carryings i guess...soooo much food left..haiz...lucky each bring some home..else i tink we're goin to dump all into the bins...overall juz one word to describe - FUN!

today mark the 1st day of class after 2 wks break...goto fight wif Z monster right after lunch all the way til 4pm! u juz wont understand how boring is the class wif the stupid ah neh yarking n yarking..

went clementi to ta bao..goin mummy a break from wkend cooking...yummy yum yum!

suddenly feeling abit sad..cos tis wkend nv get to chat wif bf once...not online leh...juz now saw him online yet he disappointing... :(

hmmm i guess i goin knock out early today...dunno y soooooo tired...will post taipei day 3 in office! :X

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