Wednesday, May 16, 2007

happy little girl

i'm a happy little girl today...y ah? bcos i had mac breakfast this morning..bcos my dd call me n we chatted for 23mins! n most imptly...i passed my digital comms! well u might say 'chey juz another module tat u passed mah..' hmmm not true lor..cos i took the exam on 26th apr...its hell! i simply freaked out when i cant get final ans for question 1!!! i panicked and all subsequent questions are completed parts and pieces..tat's y i'm full of anxiousity and also fear when i checked my result..hehe..well everything is fine now! so happy tat i passed, even though its the provisional result on bb..

hmmm i tink i really goto scrimp alot these 2 tat i can save enuff $ to buy my coach and sb stuffs...hehe..THANKS DD! :p

today is only wed yet i'm already lookin forward to fri already..reason? fri after class go home can scrap liao..cos its wkend...hehe another reason is bcos i dated my mummy to go chinatown n bugis on sat..long time nv go out wif her liao le..when i say 'we go chinatown 1st la then go bugis..' she's funny, showed me the excited look and say 'sat go bugis ah? okok then i fri dun go after my accupuncture liao..' hehe..i'm a nice girl k..mummy luv me k..haha i'm forever mummy's little girl.. ^_^

oh..forgot to mention tat sun i had a slow bus ride from my sch to clementi (i went clementi ta bao..took 196 and its certainly sloooowww lor...) anyway its nice taking long, slow bus rides, look out of the window, see all the changes over the yrs...see the familiar singapore poly...see the basketball court...see from far the familiar SAC building..see the stadium..remembering the location of swimming juz flows...bringing me back to poly times...remembering how playful i was, remembering how fun my club i met my we used to play so hard in nice lor..seriously cant help but to feel I'M REALLY GETTING ON IN AGE...haha...sounds pathetic ya? but ok leh..cos i noe i'm moving on in life..passed my quarter century life..moving on to another phase in life in another 1 or 2 yrs.. just so by day, moment by moment, ppl come, ppl i dunno...juz so happen to be so deeply in tot..doing something i've not done for a long to reflect my moments in life...haha ok i'm silly...juz bus ride only i can talk so much rubbish...anyway juz some tots tat sudden comes by my mind...(cant bear to del those i've already juz post)..dun mind my wu liao-ness ah..hehe

ok i shall end my post here today..continue to readup on my new proj challenge..its RF technology related..HEADACHE! ciaoz..

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