Tuesday, May 15, 2007

happy bday to dd

happy bday to dd...officially its now still 15th may at US time...hehe...hmmm u've got ur psp as pressie...next present u'll hv to wait le wor... its a surprise! shhhhhhhhhh :X

hmmm today nothing much leh..as usual its work then msn then work then eat then work then knock off...went lot1 walk one round then came home..then tv time then makan time then surf net time then goin to b KO time..

i shall wait for dd to update me wif his fotos..i'm sure he has more to show..hehe...makin me drool wif envy-ness lor...i luv the sofa..the bathtub...wohooo how nice if my home is goin to b so cosy next time...hee.he..

hmmm no posts today..i goin KO soon...mayb tml nite will update on day 4 of taipei... :)

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