Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 2 of taipei

nothing much these few is just rovering ard work, tv and sb...looking forward to sat cos goin to have gathering at granny hse, also goin to col's hse for sb session and bbq...wohoo
starting class on sun...gheesee 10am to 4pm class..hope i wont doze off...

anyway these photos are for day 2 of taipei..

we took train to taipei main station to go zhong zeng ji nian tang..

outside some building near zhong zeng ji nian tang..i forgot wat name but its a art gallery i tink...

some random pictures we took...

the sushi r nice..

cold miso noodle and egg soup along the streets
nice nice..
tis is ma la smelly beancurd
not the fried kind of tian bu la...
raohe night market that we went on day 2

black pepper bun..nice lor..sizzling HOT, freshly baked

best smelly beancurd throughout the whole trip...remember to try wor...its at end of raohe night market..
tat's all for now...eating snake..writing my blog in office..omg! hahaha... shhhhh :X

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