Sunday, May 06, 2007

after sooo long...

hehe paiseh ah..i seems to have disappeared for so long...well i'll do a quick summary then u'll noe y am i short...BUSY BUSY BUSY...

24/4 - exam
25/4 - working; dinner wif cols at tian tian steamboat; pack luggage
26/4 to 1/5 - trip to taipei (i'll slowly update the photos)
2/5 - working; watch spidey 3
3/5 - working; sb shopping at laines
4/5 - working; shopping at sim lim, giant; pack bf's luggage; jalan kayu SUPPER
5/5 - went sim lim fix the slight bug on psp tat we bot for bf as bday pressie; send bf off; sb shoppin at spotlight, kck, art friend; wash clothes
6/5 - santarina give pressies to cousins; pack my taipei stuffs, sb stuffs; settle down to reply fren's email; update blog

hmmm yest send bf me weird but hor i dun feel abit sad hor..mayb its bcos he's onli goin for 11+wks...or mayb time hasnt come yet tat i miss him...nvm la..absence make love fonder...HOR? hehe...

anyway last pic of me n him at airport's sake b4 he flow off...n pic of my 1st attempt at altered art of a door hanger..AGAIN my 1st attempt is for my beloved..hehe got heart le hor?

thanks to J and both I...for the calendar clear stamp as my bday pressie...xie xie ni men!

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Irene said...

Gal, absent will really make hearts fonder.. cos tat time when hubby went to japan and work... i dun miss him when he is going off also.. felt quite happy initially, cos i'm FREE.. hahahaha (bad hor)
then after a few days... starting to miss liao.. cos so strange when he din get to call u and talk to you everyday.. see each other....