Sunday, April 08, 2007


wohoo~ i've finally finished both my labs! *bouncy* soooo happy! but ok la...the torture has not really started yet...cos tues is my exam! i'll have my sat and sun and mon and of 4 days for me to eat my eaT eAT EAT! muz really eat til i have indigestion! after tues nite i'll be a free bird! looking forward to my taipei trip on thurs! wohoo~

hmmm past week busy wif labs so i nv make a single post to my blog. anyway a quick summary of wat i've done last week.
last sat attended bf's cousin's wedding. guess wat? the actress priscelia is one of the jie mei! and...urs truly me asked her to take 1 piece online for all to view..don't envy me cos i had the chance to take photo wif a mei nu *giggle*

sun went blading at came over for dinner...mummy cook yummy yummy for us...supposingly to celebrate mummy n my bday cos we both wont be together at home on til all of us ultra tat explains the lack of photos..cos they look horrigible..dun believe? 2 super UGLY pix of me...and oh...notice the sunburnt on me!

anyway...ok i shall go sleep le...nights of badly deprived sleep..better catch some beauty sleep..tml have more energy to fight my last flame in office before i go on leave..hehe..ciaoz!

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