Sunday, April 08, 2007

2nd sb album

went for colleague I's daughter 1st bday celebration today...she's cute! round round eyes..grab and put whatever she has on her hand into her mouth..

hehe...went sim lim to source for dar's laptop...walked ard...find out the price of camera's tripod and lens..wohooo tripod still ok, abt 40 bucks...but lens...hahaha if i were to buy..i would have to spend abt 200 bah...hohoho!

then we walk from sim lim to bras basah...wanted go art friend but close went walk ard at pop @ central... new place for me to shop for my sb stuffs..hehe.

then walk to national library to have dinner at hans..then walk to suntec to bio bio dell laptop..then went home via train.

another part of my post today is to show this 2nd album that i've made..its for ton when he left for dear fren will be out there alone in germany til nov...rushed through half an album cos i have limited number of fotos...

juz so glad tat my dear fren like it :)

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